Mcdonald’s Berlin Outlets und neueste Speisekarte 2024

Sie sind auf der Suche nach schnellen und leckeren Snacks in der Hauptstadt? Dann schwingen Sie sich auf Ihr Fahrrad oder schnüren Sie Ihre Schuhe, denn in Berlin gibt es satte 58 McDonald’s-Filialen für Sie! Ob am quirligen Alexanderplatz, in der hippen Friedrichstraße oder im entspannten Mauerpark – die goldenen Bögen sind überall leicht erreichbar.

Und das Beste daran? Jede Filiale hat ihren eigenen Charakter und bietet Ihnen neben lokalen Spezialitäten auch Klassiker wie den Big Mac® und das Filet-o-Fish®. In der Mitte sollten Sie die Big Rösti probieren, eine knusprige Kartoffelrösti mit herzhaftem Raclette-Belag. Im Prenzlauer Berg lockt vielleicht das McCrispy®, ein saftiges Hähnchen Sandwich mit würziger Barbecuesauce.

Mcdonald’s Berlin Speisekarte

Mcdonald’s Berlin Speisekarte

Mcdonalds Berlin Outlets

McDonald's Friedrichstr

McDonald’s Friedrichstr

Friedrichstr. 141-142 Ecke Georgenstr. (S-Bahnhof, 10117 Berlin, Germany

McDonald's Sonntagstraße

McDonald Sonntagstraße

 Sonntagstr 37 Bahnhof Ostkreuz / Bahnsteig F, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Mcdonald’s Europaplatz

Mcdonalds Europaplatz

 Europaplatz 1, 10557 Berlin, Germany

Mcdonald’s Hardenbergpl

Mcdo Hardenbergpl

Mcdonald’s Hardenbergpl. 11, 10623 Berlin

McDonald's Saalestraße 

McDonald’s Saalestraße 

Saalestraße 83, 12055 Berlin

McDonald's Leipziger Pl

McDonalds Leipziger Pl

 Leipziger Pl. 12-13, 10117 Berlin, Germany

McDonald's Friedrichstraße

McDo Friedrichstraße

 Friedrichstraße 207, 10969 Berlin, Germany

McDonald's Am Ostbahnhof

McDonald Am Ostbahnhof

 Am Ostbahnhof 9, 10243 Berlin, Germany

McDonald's Kantstraße

McDonald Kantstraße

 Kantstraße 111a, 10627 Berlin, Germany

McDonald's Hermannplatz

McDonald’s Hermannplatz

 Hermannplatz 2-3, 12043 Berlin, Germany

McDonald's Bahnhof Berlin Alexanderplatz

McDo Bahnhof Berlin Alexanderplatz

 Bahnhof Berlin Alexanderplatz, Alexanderpl. 1, 10178 Berlin, Germany

McDonald's Friedrichstraße 141

McDonalds Friedrichstraße 141

 Friedrichstraße 141-142, 10117 Berlin, Germany

McDonald's Alboinstraße

McDonald Alboinstraße

 Alboinstraße 4, 12103 Berlin, Germany

McDonald's Werner-Voß-Damm

McDonalds Werner-Voß-Damm

 Werner-Voß-Damm 62, 12101 Berlin, Germany

McDonald's Greifswalder

McDonald’s Greifswalder

 Greifswalder Str. 80, 10405 Berlin, Germany

McDonald's Mecklenburgische

McDonald Mecklenburgische

 Mecklenburgische Str. 65-68, 14197 Berlin, Germany

McDonald's Hanne-Sobek-Platz

McDo Hanne-Sobek-Platz

 Hanne-Sobek-Platz 1, 13357 Berlin, Germany

McDonald's Einkaufszentrum

McDonald’s Einkaufszentrum

 Einkaufszentrum Alexa, Grunerstraße 20, 10179 Berlin, Germany

McDonald's Osdorfer

McDonalds Osdorfer

 Osdorfer Str. 125A, 12207 Berlin, Germany

McDonald's Am Juliusturm

McDonald Am Juliusturm

 Am Juliusturm 40-46, 13599 Berlin, Germany

McDonald's Markstraße

McDonald’s Markstraße

 Markstraße 16, 13409 Berlin, Germany

McDonald's Hansastraße

McDonald’s Hansastraße

 Hansastraße 1, 13053 Berlin, Germany

McDonald's Europa-Center

McDonald’s Europa-Center

 Europa-Center; City West, Tauentzienstraße 9-12, 10789 Berlin, Germany

McDonald's Karl-Marx-Straße

McDonald Karl-Marx-Straße

 Karl-Marx-Straße 66, 12043 Berlin, Germany

McDonald's Frankfurter Allee

McDonald’s Frankfurter Allee

 Frankfurter Allee 117, 10247 Berlin, Germany

McDonald's Prenzlauer Promenade

McDonalds Prenzlauer Promenade

 Prenzlauer Promenade 45, 13089 Berlin, Germany

McDonald's Kurt-Schumacher-Damm

McDonald’s Kurt-Schumacher-Damm

 Kurt-Schumacher-Damm 38, 13405 Berlin, Germany

McDonald's Hallen, Am Borsigturm

McDo Hallen, Am Borsigturm

 Hallen, Am Borsigturm 2, 13507 Berlin, Germany

McDonald's virtuell - U Osloer Straße

McDonalds virtuell – U Osloer Straße

 virtuell – U Osloer Straße (West, 13359 Berlin, Germany

McDonald's Nohlstraße

McDo Nohlstraße

 Nohlstraße 31-32, 16548 Glienicke/Nordbahn, Germany

Mcdonalds Berlin Reviews

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Jessica ReinhardtJessica Reinhardt
02:35 23 May 24
Leon PietrowiczLeon Pietrowicz
20:34 18 May 24
The store closes at 10 p.m. I wanted to get something to eat when I was completely drunk and told me to get down from the parking lot
Karotte_ 04Karotte_ 04
22:00 17 May 24
Just keep closing earlier and earlier, the times aren't right.
Ulli SchwarzloseUlli Schwarzlose
20:45 14 May 24
Great location, great service
Garfield GoebelGarfield Goebel
17:15 31 Jan 24
Once again 😋
16:46 31 Jan 24
Fun staff (mainly) calm atmosphereUnfortunately the toilets are terrible. Stains everywhere it smells like "not hit" and "drag marks" in the bowls.
Jutta WohligkeitJutta Wohligkeit
16:40 31 Jan 24
Service, food super good. The temperatures were super good today 👍
Sanni P.Sanni P.
19:47 30 Jan 24
I ate the best McCrispy I've had in a long time today! Everything was fresh and ready quickly 👍
Madlen GeisslerMadlen Geissler
09:32 29 Jan 24
Mirco PotznerMirco Potzner
04:23 12 Jan 24
04:29 09 Jan 24
sanDzz sanDzzsanDzz sanDzz
22:15 06 Jan 24
Actually the friendliest staff I've had at a McDonald's so far 🙂
Mike H.Mike H.
17:47 01 Jan 24
The worst McDonald's I've ever experienced. Unfortunately the only one near me. Every time an order was ordered, whether it was taken away from home, at the Drive Inn or in the store, at least one or two burgers or something else were missing. I've often had to leave home and ask for the missing products. Oh, I'm sorry, blah blah blah. I think there is a system behind it to make even more money. And that for ever smaller portions and burgers. In addition, everything is really clapped together carelessly. I will avoid this sh... shop in the future and would rather go to another one. I advise that to everyone. One star is far too many, simply the very last store.
Marie GötzeMarie Götze
08:47 11 Oct 23
Typical food from them. Just check your order they since times forget things.
Ruslan StrazhnykRuslan Strazhnyk
16:11 23 Jul 23
Good selection great prices
Dinesh JainDinesh Jain
17:08 31 Oct 22
I had been there with a friend. Food is obviously good and was also very good
Ray EdwanRay Edwan
20:57 27 Jan 22
A+++ Drive thought service. English is spoken well there so no worries to get your order messed up 😅👍🏻 A+++
Ian DaviesIan Davies
17:55 12 Oct 18
Best to order from the screens as I can wait a while at the counter. Staff were friendly and the order came out pretty quick. Nice and clean inside. Small play park outside
Based on 2174 reviews
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Bernd ReznicekBernd Reznicek
17:33 23 May 24
Lisette GonzalezLisette Gonzalez
17:13 20 May 24
Muh TiMuh Ti
20:42 19 May 24
Jacky RamlowJacky Ramlow
19:59 16 May 24
Well, just McDonald's. This time the visit was more so-so. There was a traffic jam at the Drive Inn...many people backed out again. My praise goes to thatSmart menu. It really has a good price/performance ratio.
Ralf KleinRalf Klein
21:49 07 Feb 24
Jörg SzymanskiJörg Szymanski
08:22 06 Feb 24
Gregor AltGregor Alt
16:33 03 Feb 24
Delicious food and good ambience
J.O. MühliJ.O. Mühli
12:13 02 Feb 24
Very pleasant branch.
Das StevvDas Stevv
08:12 15 Jan 24
Corinna BergerCorinna Berger
09:50 13 Jan 24
Claudia LehmannClaudia Lehmann
08:44 13 Jan 24
Staff friendly.It was quick and the breakfast was hot and tasty.Toilets were clean
Stefan Brosdowski-H.Stefan Brosdowski-H.
10:34 10 Jan 24
Richie BerlinRichie Berlin
18:32 08 Jan 24
Normal MC Donals, it can be much worse but unfortunately also better.
Onur GulOnur Gul
20:08 30 Sep 23
Most dirty McDonald's I have ever seen!!
mazhar iqbalmazhar iqbal
10:28 29 Jun 23
No air conditioner here , it’s very warm . It’s June end month and is very hot inside . They earning well they must have to buy or repair ACStaff slow but good
Naveen HandaNaveen Handa
19:05 15 Jun 23
Great mcd, hygiene aware, near to gas station and a nice locality over all. Food was great, fries weren’t soggy and burger wasn’t dry. In general what you expect the experience to be.
Oleksii KukharenkoOleksii Kukharenko
08:45 11 Jul 22
Yesterday I ordered cheeseburger and pie, my wife took the same.Tonight I puked and feel horribly an entire day. My wife has diaria. Never ever go to macdonalds 🤬🤬🤬 we are still trying to recover from this “food”
Kapil BaliKapil Bali
15:27 06 Oct 20
Glad to find this one...One can order with touch screen be it take it away or have there. It was my third visit and everything is bang on time, nice staff...

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