Mcdonald’s Cologne neueste Speisekarte und Outlets 2024

Sie suchen eine Speisekarte von McDonald’s Cologne? Suchen Sie nicht weiter. Dieser Führer bietet Einblicke in die verschiedenen Filialen, ihre Standorte und die Gerichte, die man unbedingt probieren muss. Ob Einheimischer oder Besucher, das McDonald’s Erlebnis in Cologne ist nicht nur eine Reise durch die verschiedenen Geschmacksrichtungen der Stadt, sondern auch durch das Essen.

Die Speisekarte von McDonald’s in Cologne bietet Klassiker für jeden Appetit. Genießen Sie den herzhaften Big Mac® mit saftigem Rindfleisch Patties, knackigem Salat und der unverwechselbaren McDonald’s Sauce. Probieren Sie den würzigen McCrispy®, knusprig panierte Hähnchenbrust auf einem weichen Weizenbrötchen, oder gönnen Sie sich das frische Filet-o-Fish® mit knusprigem Fischfilet und cremiger Remouladensauce. Für den besonderen Pfiff probieren Sie die Big Rösti oder das Big Rösti Raclette.

Mcdonald’s Cologne Speisekarte

Mcdonald’s Cologne Speisekarte

Mcdonalds Cologne Outlets

McDonald’s Trankgasse 11

 Trankgasse 11, 50667 Köln, Germany

McDonalds Ehrenfeldgürtel 20

 Ehrenfeldgürtel 20, 50823 Köln, Germany

McDo at Marzellenstraße 2-8

 Marzellenstraße 2-8, 50667 Köln, Germany

McDonalds Schildergasse 60-68

 Schildergasse 60-68, 50667 Köln, Germany

McDo Rudolfpl. 8-10

 Rudolfpl. 8-10, 50674 Köln, Germany

McDo Barbarossapl. 1

 Barbarossapl. 1, 50674 Köln, Germany

McDonald Bahnhof Köln-Deutz

 Bahnhof Köln-Deutz, Messe, Ottopl. 7, 50679 Köln, Germany

McDonald Koblenzer Str. 2-4

 Koblenzer Str. 2-4, 50968 Köln, Germany

McDonald’s Neusser Str. 204

 Neusser Str. 204, 50733 Köln, Germany

McDonald’s Istanbulstraße 1

 Istanbulstraße 1, 51103 Köln, Germany

McDo Amsterdamer Str. 236

 Amsterdamer Str. 236, 50735 Köln, Germany

McDo at Venloer Str. 624

 Venloer Str. 624, 50827 Köln, Germany

McDonald’s Mülheimer Zubringer 142

 Mülheimer Zubringer 142, 51063 Köln, Germany

McDo at Frankfurter Str. 236

 Frankfurter Str. 236, 51065 Köln, Germany

McDonald’s Rolshover Str. 380

 Rolshover Str. 380, 51105 Köln, Germany

McDonald’s Edmund-Rumpler-Straße 1

 Edmund-Rumpler-Straße 1, 51149 Köln, Germany

McDonald’s Bergisch Gladbacher Str. 1005

 Bergisch Gladbacher Str. 1005, 51069 Köln, Germany

McDonald’s Luxemburger Str. 106/112

 Luxemburger Str. 106/112, 50354 Hürth, Germany

Mcdonalds Cologne Reviews

McDonald's Restaurant
Based on 2489 reviews
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Maik MöllerMaik Möller
08:16 25 May 24
Hamid Reza DehghanHamid Reza Dehghan
07:14 24 May 24
Armin 47Armin 47
01:32 21 May 24
Manuel RauManuel Rau
08:32 14 May 24
Jo BüschJo Büsch
06:41 14 May 24
It's Mäcces, what should I write here...
Fotini KarpousiFotini Karpousi
18:06 08 Feb 24
Andre NeunzigAndre Neunzig
12:28 07 Feb 24
It's just good, but a very long wait today
Danni #178Danni #178
11:33 07 Feb 24
Unfortunately it takes an inhumanely long time until food arrives. I waited 28 minutes for 2 menus and 3 cheeseburgers
Oliver KolbeOliver Kolbe
06:10 06 Feb 24
Phillip WiesePhillip Wiese
18:16 04 Feb 24
A small cola required waiting 30 minutes and asking 4 times (after ordering), food was lukewarm and a chicken nugget was missing.Not recommended
Petra MüllerPetra Müller
21:37 14 Jan 24
Tanja RochoffTanja Rochoff
18:15 13 Jan 24
Very dirty here. All tables full of rubbish, sticky tables and floor. Overwhelmed employees.
18:00 13 Jan 24
R ShR Sh
13:47 13 Jan 24
Fibre LiefertFibre Liefert
13:24 11 Jan 24
One of those annoying poop McDonald's where employees click on "Ready for pickup" long before the goods are ready and then minutes later get lost in the chaos of who gets what and when.
Nicolaj Kisby WillerupNicolaj Kisby Willerup
04:58 13 Jul 23
Everything about this place need improvement.Food was far from the expected McD standard.Service was even lower as they gave our order to others, and still managed to fail to deliver all of the order.We waited for a while and could see almost every order was faulty, as people came back to complain about missing items.Just don't go there.
Aswin AAswin A
10:55 10 Jul 23
Had a quick stop at 11 AM. Everything was fine. Good service, good food, good milkshake, burgers, waffle fries. There's a playground outside and clean enough toilets. AC was working on that hot day. Some tables were not 100% clean but that's not that bad. Clearly there's limited staff before noon but the lady at the front did very well.
Dulguun KhDulguun Kh
16:33 05 Jun 23
The slowest mcdonalds ever. I ordered at 18:18, got my order after 20minutes for just one small fries and cheeseburger
Saad GuerraouiSaad Guerraoui
21:55 13 Mar 23
Burgers were a bit cold
Oliver RoséeOliver Rosée
08:52 06 Sep 17
It's a regular McDonald's with drive-through and ample parking, but not the nicest I've seen (it's one of the older ones in the area). There's a nice outdoors are for families and kids which is good for parents, not so good for anyone else because of noise. Not that McDonald's gets picked for its quiet ambience, so it may not matter. There's actual table delivery here.
Based on 2501 reviews
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05:40 25 May 24
18:38 21 May 24
Christian KusserowChristian Kusserow
09:13 21 May 24
Regular McDonald's
22:48 20 May 24
Everything has gotten better, but that's why I give it 1 star 🌟 more from me
Jasmina HotJasmina Hot
20:58 17 May 24
Akin AtilganAkin Atilgan
23:03 10 Feb 24
Ralf JojanRalf Jojan
18:32 09 Feb 24
Extremely unfriendly staff at the checkout, cold citizens are handed out. Yesterday, February 8th, I ordered the McSmart menu with a chicken burger, there was a long hair in one of them, extremely disgusting, when I complained I was insulted. Ordered chicken burgers today on February 9th, both cold, the cheese had already hardened. Also heard stupid comments at the checkout. Here you pay to be portrayed as stupid. Service zero points, tables were dirty, leftover food and juice on them.I hope something happens and things get better!!!
Ich gewinne easyIch gewinne easy
15:34 08 Feb 24
Dirty and unfriendlyThe employees here cheat, lie, insult and threaten their customersFood is only half preparedThe citizens are missing half of everythingBut the main thing is to have a lot of salad so that you don't notice that the meat is missingIf you ask, you will be written to, insulted and threatenedPolice have already been informed
!!!!!!!!!! DANGER!!!Under no circumstances should you eat here!!!The health department is also informedThe 4 of us had severe food poisoning from this McDonald'sAll legal action against the store has already been initiated
Jacqueline MörsJacqueline Mörs
15:16 08 Feb 24
Here you are lied to, cheated, insulted and threatened by the employeesNot recommendableThe health department should take a look
Sina HaltSina Halt
22:20 14 Jan 24
14:46 13 Jan 24
McDonald's offers a wide range of food at affordable prices, making it a convenient option for quick meals. The menu selection is varied, from classic burgers to healthier options like salads. The efficiency of the service and the quick preparation of the food are remarkable. However, some may complain that the quality of the ingredients cannot compete with high-priced restaurants. Cleanliness and ambiance vary between locations, but most branches are clean and well-organized. Despite some criticism, McDonald's remains a popular choice for people looking for quick and affordable food.
Zeki-Mehmet SahinZeki-Mehmet Sahin
08:59 13 Jan 24
Deniz KarababaDeniz Karababa
20:59 12 Jan 24
Disastrous employees, almost no one could speak German properly. Very unfriendly and almost pay no attention to the customers despite not!! Tables dirty, the floor in the kitchen looked as if it had just been cleaned the day before yesterday! Disgusting.
Giorgi CharashviliGiorgi Charashvili
18:17 12 Jan 24
Sanjay KannanSanjay Kannan
12:00 08 May 23
Did not have veg options and no mcdonalds breakfast menu
Honest Food MillenialHonest Food Millenial
12:17 23 Mar 22
Very well organised McDonald's.I try not to eat too much fast food from big corps but this one is actually pretty clean and the staff is competent and fast.
Tehn Yit ChinTehn Yit Chin
17:57 05 Dec 21
Place was dirty. A worker slipped and fell to floor due to slippery signs on the floor.Food was cold. Staff do not care about service.
Zs. F.Zs. F.
16:16 27 Aug 20
Not a healthy diet, Desperate quality and even worse tastes, all loaded with carbs, For God's sake, should a hamburger be put in a sweet pastry!? Despite all this, the bad and unkind service does not surprise me.
Gabor RajzGabor Rajz
18:06 02 Dec 18
First attempt: they forgot 2 drinks for menus. (After 10 minutes waiting time) I complained, they gave me a wrong soft drink (ordered Coke Zero and got a peach icetea) 2nd attempt: ordered a zero again, after 22 minutes I stopped the staff for asking where is my order, when they informed me, they run out for zero. :OIf I don't ask they don't tell?Toilet - no disinfectant, hand dryer doesn't work...

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