McDonald's Heidelberger Str. 191

Mcdonald’s Darmstadt neueste Speisekarte und Outlets 2024

Genießen Sie eine Vielfalt an leckeren Gerichten und unwiderstehlichen Angeboten bei McDonald’s Darmstadt. Die Speisekarte von Mcdonalds Darmstadt bietet eine verlockende Auswahl an Köstlichkeiten, von saftigen Burgern bis zu erfrischenden McSundae® Originals. McDonalds Darmstadt ist das bevorzugte Ziel für Feinschmecker in dieser charmanten Stadt. McDonald’s Essen zeichnet sich nicht nur durch erstklassige Qualität aus, sondern auch durch eine Vielfalt, die den Geschmacksnerv jedes Gastes trifft. Treten Sie ein in die Welt von McDonald Darmstadt und lassen Sie sich von unserer Leidenschaft für gutes Essen inspirieren, während Sie die berühmten Sehenswürdigkeiten der Stadt, wie das Residenzschloss und den Herrngarten, erkunden.

Unser Artikel gibt Ihnen einen umfassenden Einblick in die Speisekarte von McDonalds Darmstadt, einschließlich der Preise für jede Filiale in der Stadt. Alle Daten stammen aus den offiziellen Quellen des Restaurants, um Ihnen genaue und aktuelle Informationen zu liefern. Erleben Sie die kulinarische Vielfalt von Mcdonald’s Darmstadt an verschiedenen Standorten und probieren Sie beliebte Gerichte wie den McMuffin® Fresh Chicken, den herzhaften McCrispy®, die knusprigen Medium Fries und gönnen Sie sich eine süße Pause mit dem McSundae® Original. Sie können auch die aromatischen Nuancen eines Café Grande genießen.

Mcdonald’s Darmstadt Speisekarte

mcdonald's Darmstadt Speisekarte

Mcdonald Darmstadt Outlets

McDonald's Heidelberger Str. 191

McDonald’s Heidelberger Str. 191

Heidelberger Str. 191, 64285 Darmstadt, Germany

McDonald's Gräfenhäuser Str. 89

Mcdonalds Hauptbahnhof Darmstadt

Gräfenhäuser Str. 89, 64293 Darmstadt, Germany

Mcdonalds in Darmstadt Reviews

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Giusy CorsaroGiusy Corsaro
07:14 23 Feb 24
Kristijan PilicKristijan Pilic
20:24 21 Feb 24
H. HessenH. Hessen
18:55 21 Feb 24
Unfriendly, expensive and damn cold. Almost everyone went into their car because it was more pleasant there.
The MC Donalds visit was really good. Clean, nothing dirty, order taking at the checkout by a friendly MCD employee was quick and without any problems. We each ordered 1 Mc-Smart menu (1x2Cheesburger, fries and Cola as well as 1x2Chickenburger, fries and Cola) for €5.99 each, so a total of €11.98. The burgers were well prepared and the chicken also had good sauce on it. Not found in every MCD!All in all, we really liked this MCD and will be listening to it again soon when we get the chance (and are hungry).
Ali KaygusuzAli Kaygusuz
19:46 18 Feb 24
Ordered 2 menus and didn't pack 2 water and the toy for the Happy Meal in the bag!
R BaerR Baer
13:43 08 Dec 23
just disgusting this place. restrooms filthy dirty and burger was not fresh and cold . The „manager“ did not spreak any language well and refused to make a new fresh Mc Rib. In the US this place wouldve been closed!
In Dying LightsIn Dying Lights
06:42 07 Sep 23
Terrible staff, unfriendly, unpolite, food portions super small especially the fries, avoid this place.
Mahan FarzadMahan Farzad
18:30 07 Jun 23
I worked there. Left there because of the rude behaviors of some of the managers and co-workers. A very busy and crazy place which can really harm your mental health.
Michael KneeboneMichael Kneebone
02:22 30 May 23
I don't know why, but chicken nuggets and quarter pounders (Royale with cheese over here) are just way more tasty then in the states (and I live a few miles from McDonald's corporate kitchen). For those of a Vegan mindset, way better selection then USA (which is mostly non existent). The downside is no ice in coke (blah!) And on visits the order kiosk were out of paper but then did not display you're order number.for pick up, so here you are not speaking the language and hoping you did not just flush 25 euro down the drain (all seemed to work out though - still very bad programming on McDonald's part to never think the paper printer may not work). Ice cream Sundays grest here also sever in cardboard cup surf wood spoon vs USA plastic cup, plastic spoon - way better system for sure and even the EU ice cream is way better then the USA version!
Julienne Nisha MundJulienne Nisha Mund
19:07 26 Feb 23
They forgot some of my orders and when I went back to tell them they looked at me crazy.They got 3 stars because I know it was just the staff that day. Had a different staff before and they were very nice and super friendly
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Wolfgang RascherWolfgang Rascher
17:05 28 Feb 24
The men's toilet is a disaster, the smell is reminiscent of an old train station toilet, defective ceilings where there are power cables, tiles behind the sink are missing, door torn from its anchorage.Simply good. It's just good at McDonald's.
Puscas Mariana-VioletaPuscas Mariana-Violeta
20:34 27 Feb 24
Daniel GuderDaniel Guder
20:51 26 Feb 24
Fast and very friendly service!
Raymond JarosschekRaymond Jarosschek
22:58 25 Feb 24
16:09 25 Feb 24
Very chaotic. The toilets resemble a Lostplace train station in Frankfurt. It stinks and is dirty. Communication is very difficult and the motivation to satisfy the customer is “0”.
na nanana nana
04:05 08 Jan 24
I was there two days in a row and they told me that maschine for milkshake didn’t work. The employees are very rude and disrespectful, they also forgot to gave me Coca Cola. Overall very bad experience i do not recommend.
Chanel VidakovićChanel Vidaković
02:31 29 Nov 23
They gave me at drive in worst fries ever. They taste like they fired again some forgoten fries from 2 days ago.Good that rest of the food was made at that moment (i hope so)
Louie SmithLouie Smith
08:48 12 Sep 23
Consistently good food every time I visit.
Vijay SiwachVijay Siwach
17:12 10 Sep 23
Lady at the counter was a definition of a diva who's gone broke. She was acting all posh and being too whimsy as we looked at the menu before ordering. Like it's your job lady, if there's only one person in the whole restaurant, you better have some patience (coz we were the only ones in there). I wonder how she'd be when the place would be busy.Perhaps she was wondering why we didn't order using the self order screens. Anyways, who cares, it's not like I'll ever go back there.Burgers were fresh and the coffee was hot, unfortunately it was the service that was stale and cold.Toilets were not in order either, but that maybe due to the fact that it was morning time and the cleaners hadn't arrived yet.Overall 3/5 as food was decent and the fact that it is close to the Autobahn, so not much of a detour if you're traveling south on the A5.
Kenan IusuboviKenan Iusubovi
12:26 09 Sep 23
inside temperature around 30 °no condition is on . Every table is dirty. Baby seat was brocken . My advice never come here ! Good luck people 🤞

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