McDonald’s Dortmund neueste Speisekarte und Outlets 2024

McDonald’s Dortmund hat sich zu einem beliebten Ort für Einheimische und Besucher gleichermaßen entwickelt. Mit mehreren Filialen in der ganzen Stadt bietet McDonalds Dortmund eine reizvolle Vielfalt an Menüpunkten, die jeden Geschmacksnerv treffen. Vom klassischen und kultigen Big Mac® bis zum schmackhaften McMuffin® Fresh Chicken ist für jeden etwas dabei. 

In diesem Leitfaden haben wir alle McDonald Dortmund outlets mit ihrer aktuellen Speisekarte aufgeführt. Wenn Sie sich nach einer pflanzlichen Variante sehnen, probieren Sie die 20 McPlant® Nuggets, eine köstliche Wahl für alle, die einen fleischlosen Genuss suchen. Und verpassen Sie auf keinen Fall die knusprigen Curly Fries oder den süßen Genuss eines McFlurry® Original.

Mcdonald’s Dortmund Speisekarte

Mcdonald’s Dortmund Speisekarte

Mcdonalds Dortmund Outlets

McDonald's Königswall 15

McDonald’s Königswall 15

Königswall 15, 44137 Dortmund, Germany

McDonald's Westfalendamm 102

McDonalds Westfalendamm 102

Westfalendamm 102, 44141 Dortmund, Germany

McDonald's Werkmeisterstraße 66

McDonald’s Werkmeisterstraße 66

Werkmeisterstraße 66, 44145 Dortmund, Germany

McDonald's Evinger Str. 154

McDonald’s Evinger Str. 154

Evinger Str. 154, 44339 Dortmund, Germany

McDonald's  Brandschachtstraße 1

McDonald  Brandschachtstraße 1

 Brandschachtstraße 1, 44149 Dortmund, Germany

McDonald's Schleefstraße 17

McDo Schleefstraße 17

Schleefstraße 17, 44287 Dortmund, Germany

McDonald's Wilhelmstraße 2

McDonald’s Wilhelmstraße 2

Wilhelmstraße 2, 59439 Holzwickede, Germany

Mcdonalds Dortmund Reviews

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user useruser user
20:30 04 Mar 24
Lydia OguLydia Ogu
19:08 01 Mar 24
Barnabas GallBarnabas Gall
10:06 28 Feb 24
Relja VincicRelja Vincic
14:17 25 Feb 24
Nina HenkeNina Henke
11:24 22 Feb 24
Update review 02/24:Unfortunately nothing has changed in this restaurant in four years. At 5 p.m. on a Saturday the dish return stations are overflowing, all the tables including benches are dirty, another lady had already spoken to the staff, it took forever until someone came to clean. The toilets were completely filthy, the locking cylinder on one door was broken, the other was unusable due to various items left behind. No toilet paper available.I definitely won't eat here again.Review from 2020:If food was like the toilets... Then good night 🥴
Burton GibsonBurton Gibson
10:37 22 Feb 24
Love visiting McDonald's in other countries to find out what's different.
Suzana PetrovicSuzana Petrovic
12:24 19 Feb 24
Very quick, polite and everything was good. No critic
11:31 18 Feb 24
13:17 17 Feb 24
Daniela GheorghiuDaniela Gheorghiu
22:04 18 Jan 24
It leaves much to be desired!
Frank BrockbalsFrank Brockbals
16:51 18 Jan 24
Jörg der GravelriderJörg der Gravelrider
20:50 17 Jan 24
Just a quick snack, there was a lot going on despite the bad weather. Just McDonald.
19:54 17 Jan 24
Enrico GläßerEnrico Gläßer
13:39 16 Jan 24
Very nice and cozy and clean. Friendly staff
Christian B.Christian B.
17:32 15 Jan 24
Ga EndeGa Ende
12:22 15 Jan 24
Dominika HDominika H
18:27 05 Jan 24
The place is absolute mess. We have been waiting for 30minites first just to see our order disappeared. After another 25 minutes we have been given cold food on a tray instead of take away. When I asked I was given the bags to pack it myself. Since I've already been waiting for an hour I have asked for a fresh food to be made. Let's see. It's been 1h and 5minutes so far...
I will give it 5* as it is very close to Dortmund airport (5-7min walking), and for the price of one sandwich at the airport 6-7€ I can have a menu here. The place is clean, spacious, close to supermarkets like Lidl and Rewe. Food is the same like every McDonald’s restaurant. Breakfast was actually pretty good, for just 6,49€ I had a scramble egg, 500ml latte macchiato, orange juice, bagel, and bacon!
Dimitar FilkoskiDimitar Filkoski
06:37 23 Jul 23
Nevee come to this store in the morning, the cashier is sorting the happy meal toys while i wait 25 min for small coffee 🙂
14:53 04 Jul 23
July 4th, 2023 15:00PMA cook who made burger and fries should get rewards. It was the most clean, tidy taste burger I ever tried in Mc Donald.
Raihan ShakibRaihan Shakib
09:24 06 Jun 23
The behavior of Staffs were pretty nice. I ordered some food and they provided it real fast! Overall satisfied with the service.
McDonald's Restaurant
Based on 3924 reviews
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12:52 15 Mar 24
bad food, bad service and NO Toilet
13:58 14 Mar 24
Staff so incredibly disrespectful. Staff member went over to a table of two homeless people and started smacking the table aggressively and shouting at them to leave. Completely understandable to ask someone to leave if necessary but do it in a kind and respectful manner. No one should ever be spoken to or treated like that. You are NOT above someone just because they are homeless. They then called the police on one of the homeless men who actually had bought food and was minding his own business.
sakar alisakar ali
08:31 11 Mar 24
They don't have a toilet
Dennis SchenkDennis Schenk
17:20 04 Mar 24
After work today, I discovered a delivered order in the hallway. This was on the windowsill in the hallway. The order included a drink and several burgers. Since it was still "warm" and the situation seemed inexplicable anyway, I called the branch just to ask.Theoretically speaking, I couldn't care less. But since I'm cool with my neighbors and could have saved you some trouble, I thought a phone call wouldn't hurt.At least that's what I thought until now.An absolutely hysterical lady answered this call. It was exactly 5:09 p.m., in case you were interested. Anyway, I then had this absolutely hysterical lady on the phone. I understand that I shouldn't expect much from a "McDonald's employee" and I automatically lower my expectations a little when it comes to service. But employees who are cognitively able to articulate themselves and, if necessary, answer open questions should also answer the telephone.But let's get to the hysterical lady who gave me about 5 seconds to describe my situation and then interrupted me with "I have no idea, the branch manager isn't there right now, call me again tomorrow" - literally shouted through the phone.When I tried to answer it, the phone had already hung up. One callback was pushed aside and another never went through. Apparently the phone was switched to "busy".I have to be honest, I've experienced a lot. But something like that? I am absolutely appalled by this employee's behavior. I don't need a store manager to correctly deliver your order, which certainly shouldn't be delivered to the plant on the windowsill in the hallway.A short response might have been enough.I also have to honestly admit that the employees at this branch, at least if they are as well trained as the ones I met, should rather not answer the phone if they treat other people like that because of the stress caused by fast food burgers .I share something like this very rarely. But I sincerely hope that the lady reads this herself and please doesn't pick up this phone again. The competence also seems to have ended at "Welcome to Mcdonalds, your order please". If this is at all sufficient, it may only work if the branch manager is in the house. Incomprehensible.
Olesya ChernyakovaOlesya Chernyakova
23:45 18 Jan 24
Nenad DordevicNenad Dordevic
15:54 18 Jan 24
Very dirty, full of homeless people. After asking where the toilet was, the answer was simply "in the train station".The food was terrible, the coffee was horrible. Unfortunately I cannot give 0 points.
02:07 10 Jan 24
Third time there, third time something was missing.
Rainer MülderRainer Mülder
18:59 07 Jan 24
12:42 31 Dec 23
Fast giving food but a lot of homeless and bad taste .No toilet . No wet wipes.
Olga BugaOlga Buga
15:04 25 Aug 23
it is a place that needs more attention to cleanliness. It's probably because of the large flow of customers, but that doesn't justify the lack of a bathroom and cleanliness.Good :the staff is very kind and polite
Marina S & DMarina S & D
14:51 13 Aug 23
The product was quickly served one of my burgers the bread was burnd.. One of the workers was checking all the time and cleaning the place, table, floor, sitting place,.. I give him a 10!Several people use the chair for the bags and another stuff and if you ask to have a sit because there are no more..Some places there are Plugs and the internet was really good.
22:23 23 Jul 23
Eating late at night/after midnight and i struggled finding clean table. Food is ok, just like you'd expect from McDonald's.
giorgi labadzegiorgi labadze
19:19 27 Aug 21
You can sit and wait for bus 😄 stuff is really kind. They speak English too. You can connect to free wifi network for 3 hours it's called telekom. They don't have toilet tho.

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