McDonald’s Duisburg Outlets und neueste Speisekarte 2024

Sie suchen nach dem perfekten kulinarischen Erlebnis in Duisburg? Die Speisekarte von Mcdonald’s Duisburg bietet eine unglaubliche Vielfalt an köstlichen Optionen, die selbst den anspruchsvollsten Gaumen zufriedenstellen. Von beliebten Klassikern bis hin zu innovativen Kreationen – die Speisekarte von Mcdonald’s Duisburg vereint erstklassigen Geschmack und Qualität. Warum ist Mcdonald’s Duisburg die erste Wahl? Neben der weltberühmten Marke steht Mcdonald’s Duisburg für gastronomische Spitzenleistungen, die einheimische und internationale Gäste gleichermaßen erfreuen. Die Stadt Duisburg mit ihrer reichen Geschichte und kulturellen Schätzen wie dem Innenhafen und dem Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord bietet die ideale Kulisse für dieses kulinarische Highlight.

Unser Artikel gibt nicht nur einen umfassenden Überblick über die Speisekarte von Mcdonald’s Duisburg, sondern stellt auch detaillierte Informationen zu den einzelnen outlets vor. Alle Daten stammen aus offiziellen Quellen des Restaurants, um Ihnen genaue und zuverlässige Informationen zu garantieren. Von herzhaften McMuffin® Frühstücksvarianten über den legendären Big Mac® bis hin zu den neuesten vegetarischen Innovationen wie den 20 McPlant® Nuggets – die Speisekarte von Mcdonald’s Duisburg bietet für jeden etwas. Abgerundet wird das Erlebnis mit leckeren Beilagen wie Curly Fries und süßen Leckereien wie dem McFlurry®.

Mcdonald’s Duisburg Speisekarte

Mcdonald’s Duisburg Speisekarte

Mcdonalds Duisburg Outlets

Mcdonalds Duisburg HBF

Portsmouthpl. 1, 47051 Duisburg, Germany

McDonalds Duisburger Str. 236 OT

Duisburger Str. 236 OT, 47166 Duisburg, Germany

McDo Albert-Hahn-Straße 1

Albert-Hahn-Straße 1, 47269 Duisburg, Germany

McDonald's Asterlager Str. 59

Mcdonalds Duisburg Rheinhausen

Asterlager Str. 59, 47228 Duisburg, Germany

Mcdonalds Duisburg Reviews

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Marcus BrorsMarcus Brors
13:53 19 Feb 24
Nice and fast staff, the usual McDonalds quality but extremely stupid access to the restaurant around the building via the children's playground
Peter HoevelmannPeter Hoevelmann
09:09 19 Feb 24
Christian KayserChristian Kayser
20:56 18 Feb 24
Absolutely not recommended!The food was ready quickly, but things were missing. But the cleanliness is subpar! The employees walk through and the garbage is left everywhere and trays are left on the table the whole time...
Alex WickAlex Wick
11:43 18 Feb 24
Please train your employees better. Why is there an option to order at the table if the employees simply shout the table number across the room?
Roland GollaRoland Golla
19:16 15 Feb 24
Great team.
Burhan OrfaliBurhan Orfali
15:48 02 Sep 23
The food is delicious, but a bit expensive (using the application makes it a bit cheaper) the employees are beautiful. The seating outside is good but we were annoyed by so many bees 🐝Note: the mc furry is really good
Maria KompanetsMaria Kompanets
07:17 15 Aug 23
Dirty, forgot to give a sauce.
Christine A SophieChristine A Sophie
08:31 04 Jan 23
One of the best McDonalds I've been to. Even though I never expect much from a dinner at McDonalds and usually only dine out at McDonalds when I don't have a better alternative, I'm impressed with this one. Nice staff, the food is freshly prepared and everything looks clean. 👌
Tim GriffinTim Griffin
15:36 16 Aug 22
Always a good experience. We often go to McDonald's whilst our car charges. Our son loves that there is always a play area. The only issue we ever have is with the fries that are sometimes hit or miss. The staff always replace the food if there is a problem anyway so its 👍. P.s. I miss Breakfast bagels!!!
09:21 08 Mar 17
I ordered der Craneberry brie chicken. It took a while until order comes on the table. Service personal was very polite and requested to take a seat as order was getting late. Cleanliness in the restaurant (in general) shall be improved. Enough parking places for cars available. Drive through service options available.
Based on 2902 reviews
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Rafael SkibaRafael Skiba
18:15 21 Feb 24
Andreas BruckmannAndreas Bruckmann
09:47 17 Feb 24
kleiner Jessikakleiner Jessika
04:01 15 Feb 24
M. NiemannM. Niemann
21:12 14 Feb 24
In any case, it's very tasty to see the employees cleaning the grill in the parking lot with a high-pressure cleaner...Without words... don't want to know what else they don't clean with it
Jeremy PiontkowskiJeremy Piontkowski
11:18 14 Feb 24
Victoria SavochkinaVictoria Savochkina
17:50 20 Dec 23
Every time you come to this McDonald’s you must to check what you have got in McDrive because they always mess the order. This time I have not checked my order and when I come home there was no sauces….. and they put not apple but black Tasche…… but service was pretty nice
Stefan Madalin IrimiaStefan Madalin Irimia
22:45 09 Jan 23
Ladies& gentlemen I present you the Hamburger Royal Cheese.Just another burger like you find at Aldi,Lidle etc. I know, you are hungry but AVOID this place !!!
Robert VerdesRobert Verdes
06:11 06 Jun 22
First of all they are not open at time 😒. They make the order not correctly, hamburger look like .... the employee are every time not on a good vibe... I don't recommend
Yahya KavukYahya Kavuk
22:21 31 Jan 20
My mom (and i) loved it, good service despite high customer count. The food was high quality and freshly made.Don't use the big tablets to order, coupons won't work and it's not that good anyway.In contrast, the coupons work when ordering nornally and the cashier applied another coupon without me knowing which is great
Filip MalinowskiFilip Malinowski
11:23 28 Jan 20
Recent interior renovation made it much nicer to dine out. Waiting time is quite short and the staff is professional.There is not so much space to sit tho, that's why depending on the time of day you might be forced to get takeaway :'(

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