Mcdonald’s Düsseldorf Outlets und neueste Speisekarte 2024

McDonald’s Düsseldorf bietet in seinen verschiedenen Filialen eine große Auswahl. Vom belebten Stadtzentrum bis zum Stadtrand finden Sie McDonald’s in unmittelbarer Nähe, um Ihren Heißhunger zu stillen. Ob Sie auf der Königsallee flanieren oder die Altstadt erkunden, ein McDonald’s in Düsseldorf ist nie weit entfernt.

Jeder McDonald’s in Düsseldorf bietet eine Speisekarte mit beliebten Gerichten wie dem kultigen Big Mac®, dem leckeren McMuffin® Fresh Chicken, dem pflanzlichen Genuss der 20 McPlant® Nuggets, dem knusprigen Genuss der Curly Fries und der süßen Versuchung des McFlurry® Original. Für alle, die eine schnelle Mahlzeit oder einen vertrauten Geschmack im Herzen von Düsseldorf suchen, ist McDonald’s eine zuverlässige Wahl, die sowohl Bequemlichkeit als auch den Geschmack der bekannten goldenen Bögen bietet.

Mcdonald’s Düsseldorf Speisekarte

Mcdonald’s Düsseldorf Speisekarte

Mcdonalds Düsseldorf Outlets

McDonald's Konrad-Adenauer

McDonald’s Konrad-Adenauer

Konrad-Adenauer-Platz 14, 40210 Düsseldorf

McDonald's Bolkerstraße 40-42

McDonald’s Bolkerstraße 40-42

Bolkerstraße 40-42, 40213 Düsseldorf

McDonald's Mercedesstraße 

McDonald’s Mercedesstraße 

Mercedesstraße 13, 40470 Düsseldorf

McDonald's Königsberger 

McDonald’s Königsberger 

Königsberger Str. 23, 40231 Düsseldorf

McDonald's Wehrhahn 

McDonald’s Wehrhahn 

Am Wehrhahn 4, 40211 Düsseldorf

McDonald's Bolkerstraße 

McDonald’s Bolkerstraße 

Bolkerstraße 40-42, 40213 Düsseldorf

McDonald's Fährstraße 

McDonald’s Fährstraße 

Fährstraße 27-29, 40221 Düsseldorf

McDonald's Flughafenstraße

McDonald’s Flughafenstraße

Flughafenstraße, 40474 Düsseldorf

McDonald's Burgunderstraße 

McDonald’s Burgunderstraße 

Burgunderstraße 51-53, 40549 Düsseldorf

McDonald's Trippelsberg 

McDonald’s Trippelsberg 

 Am Trippelsberg 4, 40589 Düsseldorf

McDonald's Friedrichstraße 

McDonald’s Friedrichstraße 

Friedrichstraße 129-133, 40217 Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf Mcdonalds Reviews

McDonald's Restaurant
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jose simoesjose simoes
17:38 15 May 24
Jerome brtJerome brt
20:51 10 May 24
Don't go food poisoning risk
Liam SmithLiam Smith
12:15 10 May 24
Dennis DDennis D
11:51 09 May 24
Bave KawaBave Kawa
21:06 01 Feb 24
Stefan S.Stefan S.
19:33 29 Jan 24
DISASTER never this branch again!On January 28th Ordered at 5:34 p.m., received the food at 6:27 p.m.!When asked you get angry!As an “apology” 1x Cookie & Cream bag - for 4 people, including a toddler!Lobby looked like a mess until around 6:15 p.m.! Only the lady who cleaned the lobby brought our order - after she had taken our receipt!
Golden PhönixGolden Phönix
22:18 26 Jan 24
Order a cheeseburger without cucumber and get a burger without cucumber and without cheese what idiots
Bize heryer Trabzon 61Bize heryer Trabzon 61
01:06 23 Jan 24
Was at MC Donalds here at Burgunderstraße 51-53, 40549 Düsseldorf today at 12:35 a.m. Had to pick up a friend from work. I had a sore throat and wanted to get something to drink. I ordered 1 medium iced tea at mc drive for 3.45 euros. The lady gave it to me without a straw. I asked her for a straw, only she told me she wasn't allowed to. I told her I can't drink it but I should try it anyway. I tried it and wanted a straw because I could drink it better in the car that way. She refused it. I told her to give my money back and I would leave the drink there. Their opinion, they drank from it. Out of anger, I simply let the cup fall out of the car window. The lady called me a cunt. Then she also lied and said I wanted to shoot her with it, which wasn't true. Her colleague came over and said she had heard it. Hello, overheard but didn't see it and make me out to be a liar. I told her there are cameras and she said you can't see it. This branch doesn't deserve a single star. Rude and totally disgusting towards customers. Oh yes, she told me I wasn't a customer, but a guest. I should dry up my sore throat. That's her way to the guest. I will definitely never spend a cent here again. Shame on you.
Genta MatsumuraGenta Matsumura
12:40 22 Jan 24
Mac is located in a location that is easily accessible by car. It's not always that crowded and is very accessible. There is a signal in front of the store that allows you to make a U-turn, and it is located in a location that is easy to access regardless of whether you are in the right or left lane. The inside of the store is also kept clean.
Dennis VlaeminckDennis Vlaeminck
10:17 23 Dec 23
Nice, a bit on the smaller side however.
23:27 22 Jul 23
- very dirty and staff is not helpful at this location- we ordered tea with milk, they brought just the tea and asked us to come again to the counter to pick the milk even though it was in a drawer behind the counter and I couldn’t have found it myself with self service anyway- the tables and floors are really dirty and not being maintained at all
Ali NazAli Naz
12:20 09 Mar 23
They have ready our order to go but after checking we find the sauce for the chicken nuggets are in the bag but no nuggets. After further check, also french fries were missing. As we were total 4 people we had to check all order again and ask for what's missing before leaving.
Robin MarquardtRobin Marquardt
14:39 05 Dec 22
It's McDonald's, so not expecting too much.I haven't tried the Fresh Vegan TS until now, and I'm blown away. The quality of this burger is beyond what i expected. I'll come back for it every once in a while.Also very friendly and helpful staff, especially when you make a mistake.
Glodan MirceaGlodan Mircea
12:05 01 May 22
Something Google Maps is funny. McDonald's was exactly like all the other ones. I like the feature where you order and pay at the Touch screens and they bring you the food at the table
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Jenniy (Jenniy)Jenniy (Jenniy)
14:17 17 May 24
Jessica RodekirchenJessica Rodekirchen
04:54 17 May 24
Eric BrandingEric Branding
11:11 01 Feb 24
Jordan JJordan J
09:09 01 Feb 24
I've been to mcdonalds across the world and this one is by far my favorite. I was staying for vacation in Düsseldorf for 2 weeks and really liked this location
Valerie AlbrechtValerie Albrecht
17:56 31 Jan 24
Helmut VogelHelmut Vogel
14:39 31 Jan 24
Venelin FinevVenelin Finev
19:16 28 Jan 24
Ryo O.Ryo O.
20:03 25 Nov 23
First of all I'll never give a fast food restaurant five stars just because its fast food. However this McDonald's was full and yet it was clean especially on a rainy day. We ordered at a kiosk and hurriedly played musical chairs with people to get a table. This has to be the first time at any McDonald's the food was hot the fries were fresh and no mistakes were made, and again this place was extremely busy. Maybe this was a lucky day for us but we will take it.
Vivia LiaVivia Lia
10:57 18 Aug 23
I clearly ordered cold brew coffee, but my coffee has milk and caramel flavor in it. The middle-aged woman with glasses not only refused to admit it, but also tried to argue that cold brew comes with milk. It really left a bad impression on me!
ido meirido meir
11:43 08 Aug 23
I had a great experience at that McDonald's restaurant . The food was fresh and delicious, and the staff was friendly and helpful. The restaurant was clean and well-maintained. I would definitely recommend this location to anyone looking for a good fast food meal.
Sean SandersonSean Sanderson
19:34 11 Jun 23
This is the McDonalds in Aachen it has recently been down up, and was fairly new and quite clean. The service was great and very quick I had two Mcribs which is the best thing to have when in Germany. This the only country in Europe that regularly serves the Mcrib.
Baran ZerenBaran Zeren
11:32 27 Nov 22
It is hard to comment on the food of a mcdonalds since the general quality is almost similar all around the world, however the taste you might get can vary even on the same restaurant depending on the crowd, timing etc.I gave a try to this mcdonalds, in a time when it was not so crowded and experienced an overall good taste. Most importantly fries and burger were all fresh and hot.

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