Mcdonald’s Frankfurt Outlets und Speisekarte 2024

Lust auf einen saftigen Burger oder knusprige Pommes mitten in Frankfurt?  McDonald’s ist mit zahlreichen Restaurants in der ganzen Stadt vertreten und stillt garantiert deinen Hunger. Egal ob du an der Hauptwache shoppst, am Mainufer entspannt oder in Sachsenhausen unterwegs bist, ein McDonald’s ist nie weit entfernt.

Freu dich auf Klassiker wie den saftigen McCrispy®, den unschlagbaren Big Mac® oder die knusprigen Pommes Frites, egal ob klein oder groß. Für den pflanzlichen Genuss gibt’s außerdem 20 leckere McPlant® Nuggets, die auch Veganer-Herzen höher schlagen lassen. Und nach dem Trubel brauchst du eine kleine Erfrischung? Schnapp dir ein kühles Getränk und genieße es auf der Terrasse oder im gemütlichen Innenraum vieler Frankfurter McDonald’s.

Mcdonald’s Frankfurt Speisekarte

Mcdonald’s Frankfurt Speisekarte

Mcdonald’s Frankfurt Outlets

McDonald’s Hauptwache 11

McDonald’s Hauptwache 11

 An der Hauptwache 11, 60313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

McDonald’s Hugo-Eckener-Ring

McDonalds Hugo-Eckener-Ring

 Abflugring, Flughafen, Hugo-Eckener-Ring, 60549 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

McDonald’s Hauptbahnhof

McDonald’s Hauptbahnhof

 Am Hauptbahnhof 1, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

McDonald’s Friedberger Str

McDonalds Friedberger Str

 Große Friedberger Str. 3-5, 60313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

McDonald’s Guerickestraße 12

McDo Guerickestraße 12

 Guerickestraße 12, 60488 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

McDonald’s Hanauer Landstraße 

McDonald Hanauer Landstraße 

 Hanauer Landstraße 334, 60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

McDonald’s Friedberger

McDonald Friedberger

 Friedberger Landstraße 291, 60389 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

McDonald’s Landstraße

McDonalds Landstraße

 Mainzer Landstraße 533, 65933 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

McDonald’s Airportring

McDonald Airportring

 Airportring, 60549 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

McDonald’s  Borsigallee 33

McDo  Borsigallee 33

 Borsigallee 33, 60388 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

McDonald’s Flughafen Terminal 2 Ebene 4

McDo Flughafen Terminal 2 Ebene 4

 Flughafen Terminal 2 Ebene 4, 60549 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

McDonald’s Heinrich-Lanz-Allee 1

McDonald Heinrich-Lanz-Allee 1

 Heinrich-Lanz-Allee 1, 60437 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

McDonald’s Nordwestzentrum, Limescorso 33

McDonald’s Nordwestzentrum, Limescorso 33

 Nordwestzentrum, Limescorso 33, 60439 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

McDonald’s Strahlenbergerstraße 103

McDo Strahlenbergerstraße 103

 Strahlenbergerstraße 103, 63067 Offenbach am Main, Germany

McDonald’s Friedberger Str. 89A

McDonalds Friedberger Str. 89A

 Friedberger Str. 89A, 61118 Bad Vilbel, Germany

Mcdonalds Frankfurt Reviews

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21:47 14 Mar 24
14:08 11 Mar 24
Björn PossmannBjörn Possmann
08:14 28 Jan 24
It's a shame that you can't give minus starsWas with you this Saturday morning January 27th I was the first guestThe door was opened at 9 a.m. by a very nice lady and I went to the counter and then I started wanting to order but the very unfriendly lady behind the counter said I should order from a machine and not from her, that's not possible if you are the first customerThen I wanted to go out but the nice lady who opened the door said I should order at the counter. After she told the unfriendly lady three times that she should serve me, she then reluctantly turned around and came to the checkoutThen I wanted to have a certain jam and she then said in a very condescending manner that we didn't have it. We only have Nutella, which unfortunately I wasn't allowed to eat. I could have eaten something else, but if you treat your customers like that, it's not possible
Sven HagenbergSven Hagenberg
07:42 25 Jan 24
Mehdi TliliMehdi Tlili
16:21 24 Jan 24
Amine IzemAmine Izem
13:33 11 Jan 24
Sabrina KowalskiSabrina Kowalski
19:26 08 Jan 24
My negative review is aimed at the unfriendly lady with short blonde hair who refused to correct the order that her colleague had taken incorrectly. The reason: Otherwise she would have to throw the burgers away. After a short back and forth, she agreed to correct the order. We were then served food on a dirty tray with chewing gum stuck to it. Such a person should not and should not work in the catering industry where hygiene should be a priority!
Ali El-ganabiAli El-ganabi
22:12 01 Jan 24
Zaya PianistZaya Pianist
19:02 25 Dec 23
Always soooo soo dirty. Can’t even sit on the chair because of the children who sit there without doing anything (except playing with their phones even though they don’t order).
Diamanta RotaruDiamanta Rotaru
02:57 24 Dec 23
Taisiia MelnykTaisiia Melnyk
11:50 28 Dec 22
Very bad service! The stuff is very rude. I asked if I can have a bag to carry my order, they told me NO. But it is ridiculous.
Sara AbdlatifSara Abdlatif
03:37 06 Jul 22
The food was not cooked well, the chicken was very hard, unfortunate. The service was bad. I asked to speak with the manager, but someone said I am the manager and treated me very, very badly. I don't want to visit McDonald's again.very rude boss
Mhac BisoMhac Biso
18:49 18 Jul 21
The only open place on Sunday @ Northwest Zentrum
Marika MontenegroMarika Montenegro
14:11 30 Dec 17
I think that This is the worse McDonald's in the world because there are unkindle salesmen.I was there with my family and we We had ordered 7 menus but only 3 menus arrived.If you want go in this mc my council is to go to Caritas which is better.
Based on 2286 reviews
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Michaela EberleinMichaela Eberlein
17:42 18 Mar 24
Unfortunately I got Royal cheese instead of Royal TS, but it was very tasty. The shift manager was a bit unfriendly to her employees
O de GiuliO de Giuli
09:16 16 Mar 24
It's fine
Tanja FejaTanja Feja
05:06 14 Mar 24
Apo EkApo Ek
18:00 13 Mar 24
The best McDonald's I've been to. Super friendly staff super nice and with great work ethic Visit: 03/13/24 7 p.m
Gülcin StegmüllerGülcin Stegmüller
19:33 11 Mar 24
Rustic, warm and very pleasant. Super friendly people from service to cuisine. The food is simple German cuisine but extremely fresh and deliciously prepared.Highly recommended 👍
Mensur DolovacMensur Dolovac
18:31 21 Jan 24
Klara MaricKlara Maric
12:39 21 Jan 24
If you want a disastrous McDonalds experience go there!!! We waited 2 hours, the employees were a disaster and the meat in the burger was raw!!! never again !!!
Holger FrischkornHolger Frischkorn
08:31 21 Jan 24
20:04 20 Jan 24
Alfred UgwuAlfred Ugwu
12:10 02 Dec 23
Nice and very warm on a cold night
Mohamed AbdelhadyMohamed Abdelhady
19:38 05 Oct 23
It was a great experience as always, the only issue is the homeless people that sometimes fill up the place out of nowhere
Tùng Lê ThanhTùng Lê Thanh
15:59 01 Oct 23
The McRibs here seems to have better quality control than other places
Marcel LoeveMarcel Loeve
07:48 30 Aug 23
Great for a quick bite with friends and family. Very friendly and professional staff to assist you.
Devi M. PuspitaDevi M. Puspita
08:49 22 Aug 23
I really like the atmosphere here so comfortable

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