McDonald's Kröpeliner Str. 71

Mcdonald’s Rostock neueste Speisekarte und Outlets 2024

Willkommen auf der Speisekarte von McDonald’s Rostock! Das breite Angebot umfasst leckere Optionen, vom saftigen Hamburger bis zum erfrischenden Salat. McDonalds Rostock verbindet hochwertige Zutaten mit kulinarischer Vielfalt und ist nicht nur ein beliebtes gastronomisches Ziel, sondern auch ein perfekter Ausgangspunkt, um Rostocks berühmte Sehenswürdigkeiten wie die beeindruckende Marienkirche und das historische Rathaus zu entdecken.

Erfahren Sie in diesem Artikel mehr über die Speisekarten der verschiedenen Filialen von McDonalds Rostock. Die Informationen stammen aus offiziellen Quellen des Restaurants, um Sie mit aktuellen und zuverlässigen Angaben zu versorgen. Vom McMuffin® Fresh Chicken bis zum McSundae® Original – die Speisekarte von McDonald Rostock verwöhnt Ihre Geschmacksnerven an verschiedenen Standorten in der Stadt. Vertrauen Sie unseren offiziellen Angaben und erleben Sie kulinarische Köstlichkeiten bei McDonald’s Rostock. Guten Appetit.

Mcdonald’s Rostock Speisekarte

Mcdonald's Rostock Speisekarte

Mcdonalds Rostock Outlets

McDonald's Kröpeliner Str. 71

McDonald’s Kröpeliner Str. 71

Kröpeliner Str. 71, 18055 Rostock

McDonald's An d. Stadtautobahn 39

McDonald’s An d. Stadtautobahn 39

An d. Stadtautobahn 39, 18109 Rostock

McDonald's Hansestraße 49

McDonald’s Hansestraße 49

Hansestraße 49, 18182 Bentwisch

Mcdonald Rostock Reviews

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Andre BillichAndre Billich
20:52 14 Mar 24
Yes, that was really tasty again. Well, the view isn't great, but the rest is great.
Mariana PcMariana Pc
17:41 11 Mar 24
Daniela KDaniela K
20:17 10 Mar 24
Uwe DittrichUwe Dittrich
18:33 09 Mar 24
Claudia WäterlingClaudia Wäterling
21:34 08 Mar 24
Job AmaralJob Amaral
10:49 02 Oct 23
Good food, unfortunately the service could have been better.
uffe hanghøj johansenuffe hanghøj johansen
13:40 13 Sep 23
It's fine and quick. Clean and pleasant. Nice that you can sit outdoors.
14:02 21 Aug 23
It's a shame I can't rate this place higher, the place is clean and all but the staff are unfriendly and extremely rude. What happened to customer service?
NoSty LinNoSty Lin
08:59 05 Aug 23
The place is usually understaffed. This McDonald's dumps so much work on the staff. I've been here several times for my morning coffee and weekend meals. The staff usually messes up my x3 meat burgers.
15:32 18 May 23
Upon first trying to request something the order machines wouldn't allow, we were redirected to the ordering poles,, which did not allow for the order personalization. Only after saying it was for an allergy, did the worker call over the manager on shift who then without any issue took the order. I wasn't alone, but my friends also experienced issues during this same visit. The vegetarian burger, which was delivered to the table in the mcplant box, was not vegetarian meat, and upon asking about this at the counter the workers were skeptic and asked if she had actually wanted a veggie burger. Yes, yes she did.Two other friends had their machine ordered persnalizations be mixed up by the staff, which resulted in two sad faces.The handdryer in the ladies bathroom was broken, but it was clean, so that's nice.
Based on 1962 reviews
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Martin HagenMartin Hagen
07:10 09 Mar 24
The last load.A waiting time of 35 minutes.Guests are not processed according to order, but at will.The team can't cope with stress, we and others were missing mayo, ketchup, etc.
16:44 06 Mar 24
Philipp GorskiPhilipp Gorski
15:57 04 Mar 24
Sibylle CSibylle C
18:39 02 Mar 24
Everything was very clean. Food was good
Maik GMaik G
14:15 29 Feb 24
Lara BrezenciLara Brezenci
18:14 03 Apr 22
3.april 2022. 20:10h. We have waited at Mc drive for 15 min. They said: "Hello, one moment" and they dissapeard for 2 times. Not going here ever again.
mahrul azizmahrul aziz
21:44 15 Feb 22
I had the worst experience going to this specific Mcdonalds, 2 weeks before i called them and asked them untill what time are they open and they told me untill midnight. When i went there i realized the drive thru is opened untill midnight and dine-in is untill 22:00. Today i went at 21:10 and the girl at the counter checked our Covid paas and let us sit and then suddenly their weird manager came and told us since they close at 22:00 and need an hour to clean we cannot dine-in. How the hell dine-in is open untill 22:00 but the customer cannot dine-in at 21:05 ?
Catrina AlmiCatrina Almi
19:11 16 Jun 19
The food is good and fast service but the tables not that clean
Waited around 10 minutes if somebody could serve me. Redtaurant was empty and only one person on front. At least 4 staff members were just chatting and completely agnored me. I waited and then I just left. I wanted to buy dinner but maybe it is the colour of my skin or maybe something else. Shame, I will go hungry tonight
D RazvanD Razvan
09:50 02 Mar 17
same as any other McDonalds restaurant. The only thing to take care is the LIMITED INTERNET CONNECTION from Telekom DE which says it will last you 3 hours but for me it lasted like 30 min (and i followed the terms and conditions) afterwards you have to buy it ... (really Germany ?)

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