McDonald's Kaiserstraße 135

Mcdonald’s Karlsruhe neueste Speisekarte und Outlets 2024

Willkommen auf McDonald’s Karlsruhe Speisekarte, Ihrem ultimativen Ziel für köstliche Mahlzeiten und unwiderstehliche Angebote. Die Speisekarte von McDonalds Karlsruhe ist voll mit einer vielfältigen Auswahl an köstlichen Optionen, so dass für jeden etwas dabei ist. Mcdonald Karlsruhe ist die erste Wahl, wenn es um leckeres Essen in der Stadt geht, und wir sind stolz darauf, für alle unsere Gerichte hochwertige Zutaten zu verwenden. 

Unser Artikel bietet einen umfassenden Überblick über die Speisekarte von Mcdonalds Karlsruhe, einschließlich der Preise für jede Filiale in der Stadt. Die Informationen stammen aus den offiziellen Quellen des Restaurants, damit Sie immer genaue und aktuelle Angaben erhalten. Besuchen Sie die verschiedenen Mcdonald’s-Filialen in Karlsruhe und entdecken Sie die Vielfalt an köstlichen Optionen, darunter das McMuffin® Fresh Chicken, das herzhafte McCrispy® und die knusprigen Medium-Pommes.

Mcdonald’s Karlsruhe Speisekarte

Mcdonald's Karlsruhe Speisekarte

Mcdonalds Karlsruhe  Outlets

McDonald's Kaiserstraße 135

McDonald’s Kaiserstraße 135

Kaiserstraße 135, 76133 Karlsruhe, Germany

McDonald's Pulverhausstraße 42

McDonald’s Pulverhausstraße 42

Pulverhausstraße 42, 76135 Karlsruhe, Germany

McDonald's Bahnhofpl. 1

Mcdonald’s Karlsruhe hbf

Bahnhofpl. 1, 76137 Karlsruhe, Germany

McDonald's Am Mühlburger bhf

McDonald’s Am Mühlburger bhf

Am Mühlburger bhf 1, 76189 Karlsruhe, Germany

McDonald's Durlacher Allee 111

McDonald’s Durlacher Allee 111

Durlacher Allee 111, 76137 Karlsruhe, Germany

McDonald's Bocksdornweg 2

McDonald’s Bocksdornweg 2

Bocksdornweg 2, 76149 Karlsruhe, Germany

Mcdonald’s Karlsruhe Reviews

Based on 793 reviews
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12:18 28 Feb 24
Do not take pluxee (new Sodexo) even though stated otherwise
Gottes VillainGottes Villain
10:03 23 Feb 24
Ma RaMa Ra
10:32 01 Feb 24
Ordered a chocolate milkshake, got a coffee shake, even though there was no coffee shake!?If there was a complaint there was a new coffee shake.Relatively slow service and the order wasn't complete either.
Sebastian RedelSebastian Redel
21:05 13 Jan 24
Paul LesslePaul Lessle
12:27 11 Jan 24
I got a massive kick out of the chicken burger.
Alex GallwitzAlex Gallwitz
17:23 06 Oct 23
A good place to stop, even you are just passing on the highway nearby. You will find a smaller menu than usual, but you will have all the classics you need for a little break.
Alexandra FUZZEYAlexandra FUZZEY
14:47 19 Aug 23
Food wasn't great. There were not many tables to sit & there were no machines to order.
Björn BijlardBjörn Bijlard
17:16 04 Aug 23
I paid 30 euro and had to pay extra for warming up the food for my baby. when I asked why, the employee shouted at me. Maybe a bad day, but very rude
Bineetha EVBineetha EV
06:47 12 Oct 21
Always love it. I am slowly turning vegetarian and so they have these tasty veg burgers.. it's so gud gives me a doubt if it's really veg... Yummy 😛
Helenka BakarHelenka Bakar
22:32 31 Jul 20
This was the most horrible Big Mac of my life. It was basically the bun and two parties and that’s it. There was barely any lettuce, onions, or sauce, and only two slices of pickles for the whole burger. We ordered 4 Big Macs and they all were like that. Never again. I’d give zero stars if that were possible.Edit 31.7.2020 I filed a complaint the day after, and the branch manager contacted me with a solution a few days after that. Ms Nicolau was really friendly, professional and competent. The offered solution was fair. I am giving 5 stars for customer care.
Based on 1474 reviews
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Check CheckCheck Check
13:35 25 Feb 24
Jürgen KritzerJürgen Kritzer
20:32 24 Feb 24
Marcus JaekelMarcus Jaekel
17:33 24 Feb 24
No reward or coupon redemption possible
Robin ArndtRobin Arndt
16:54 23 Feb 24
Points don't workOnline ordering is not possibleToo bad
Bettina NelsonBettina Nelson
19:23 21 Feb 24
I always eat the Royal TS as a menu. The burger is delicious and the fries are crispy. Staff friendly and the store clean.
Katí NkaKatí Nka
03:04 11 Dec 23
yummy, small but yummy, would appreciate self order
Alex LallemangAlex Lallemang
23:03 03 Dec 23
Idk why everyone is dunking on this mcdonalds. It’s not gourmet food people…it’s totally fine for a mcdonalds.
Hessam NavasserHessam Navasser
12:44 01 Dec 23
This is the way that they serve me a simple Muffin.🤨how to eat freeze muffin with hot coffee.,?!!🤔
piink it ispiink it is
08:06 21 May 23
They take over 10 min to handle the drive through order (just the order, not talking about preparing ) even if the place is empty. When I got home I realised the fries 🍟 was half empty even if I ordered the bigger menu. Felt scammed. Avoiding this one as much as possible in the future.
Terrible, slow and rude service. At first I waited a long time for the staff at the box office, then the staff argued over who would serve me. Orders were made for a long time, although I was the only visitor. The staff was very unhappy that I came at all. Napkins were not given. Definitely do not recommend. It is better to go to the next.

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